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Large Ensemble

Mardi Gras
Ballet Suite–Masque of the Red Death
Concerto #1
Concerto #2 (Concert Piece)
Concerto #3
Cowboy's Breakdown
Daughter of the South

Full Score
Piano-Vocal Score
Libretto Concordance
Libretto Source Gap Analysis
Source Overview X 50 Measure Intervals

Hymn to the Earth

Full Score
Piano-Vocal Score

Irish Rhapsody
Lament and Jig
Lil' David Play on Yo' Harp
Set of Four
Tragic Overture
Valse Elegante
Variations on an Irish Folksong

Chamber Ensemble

Allegro piacevole (for string quartet)
Arabesque (all versions)
Piano Trio, Op. 1
Prayer (for violoncello and piano)
Sonata (for violin and piano), Op. 2/14
Suite for Violoncello and Piano

Piano Solo

All God's Chillun Got Wings
Cadenza (for Beethoven Concerto No. 1)
Cowboy's Breakdown (piano solo version)
Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel?
Four Waltzes, Op.15
Frederic François
Gospel Train
Joshua Fit de Battle ob Jerico
Lil' David Play on Yo' Harp
Passacaglia (piano solo version)
Six Technical Stunts in Canonic Form
Six Valses Caractéristiques, Op. 18
Tango (In Form of a Rondo)
The 5:48
The Shepherd
Valse Eccentrique
Variations on a Negro Theme
Variations on an Irish Theme
Variations on an Irish Tune


Songs (ed. Paul French)
Songs (text sources/analyses)

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